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Anna Rosa Paladino

Anna Rosa Paladino is a Venezuelan Artist who has been involved in the performing arts for more than 20 years. She started her theatrical studies in Caracas at the age of 10; at the age of 16 had the opportunity to attend classes and workshops with the Cuban actress Reina Canosa, who was the responsible for reconfirming Anna’s passion for the Stage.

In 2001 she enrolled in the Andrès Bello Catholic University of Caracas to study a Degree in Social Communication and a Master Degree in Audiovisual Production. On the first month of her studies at the University, she auditioned to enter the university’s theatre group called Teatro UCAB which remained until 2006.

During her five years as a member of Teatro UCAB, Anna received training courses and was involved in theater productions with the cuban Director and writer Virginia Aponte and with Josè Rafael Briceño, a renowned Venezuelan actor and stand up comedian.

In the research of enriching her training, in 2007 she took a course on The Method of Physical Actions of Grotowski held by the actor and director Francisco Salazar.

At the age of 25, she decides to have a life change , and in 2009 she leaves Venezuela and aims for Europe, landing “by chance” in Florence, where she currently lives after 8 years.

Florence represents for Anna Rosa the artistic turning point: trying to find herself and her lost creativity for the serious social situation of your country, Anna encounters Burlesque, that happened to be the perfect medium to match and combine her passions and dreams.

In 2013, she traveled to London for six months to attend a Burlesque advanced course at The Cheek’s of it! Burlesque School. There she found not only the tools to develop her artistic expression but also she discovered a philosophy and a lifestyle in which femininity is a research, a gift, a power.

In 2014 she went back to London and to her Burlesque school to receive a training course to become a teacher and the Ambassador of The Cheek’s of it! Burlesque School in Florence.

Since 2014 until the current day, Anna’ been working at The White Circus ASD in Florence as a Burlesque teacher and co-producer of the shows created and produced by the Association.

In 2016 she participated in the Amsterdam Burlesque Award, while in 2017 she had the opportunity to perform at the Geneva Burlesque Festival, at Devils on High Hills Brussels

Burlesque Festival and Stockholm Burlesque Festival.