Art World Forum - Bridging Art and Business
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What is Art World Forum about?

Art World Forum is an emerging global platform which aims to build valuable networks between art professionals and business leaders.

Through its high quality, high value international conferences, Art World Forum provides unique informational, marketing and networking opportunities to a vast number of art investors, collectors, dealers, insurers, academics, practitioners and overall art enthusiasts. Our aim is to be established in each of the world’s key art markets where transactions and investments are taking place.

Through our carefully curated sessions, delegates of our conferences will have the opportunity to network with leading experts in the art-business industry from around the world, to learn about how the art market interacts with business, financial, consumer and knowledge markets, and to develop strategic alliances that may lead to business opportunities and social impact.

Art World Forum is also a web publisher providing up-to-date art market insight via original editorial articles and intellectual contributions by reputable art professionals.