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Art Logistics with Daniel Lev-er of ArtRunners

Art Logistics with Daniel Lev-er of ArtRunners
October 10, 2017 Art World Forum
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Art World Forum Berlin 2017-Daniel Lever-ArtRunners

Art Logistics with Daniel Lev-er of ArtRunners

CEO of ArtRunners, Daniel Lev-er is welcomed as a distinguished guest speaker at the Art World Forum European debut in association with Art. Talking Business., on 14th September at the Stiftung Brandenburger Tor, Berlin.

Welcomed as an industry leader, the half-day seminar and networking brunch brought marketplace professionals together under the theme “Leading Cultural Growth”.

Alongside Jeni Fulton, Editor-in-Chief of Sleek Magaizne, and David Liatowisch, Attorney at Bär & Karrer AG, Lev-er’s panel sought to discuss the transportation of art. With both physical and digital elements to keep in mind, the discussion opened with an introductory brief on logistics, the marketplace demand, the assistance of technology and the diversity it entails.

The discussion was initiated by Lev-er with a few fun facts:

  • Jeff Koons’ ‘Balloon Dog’ demanded a specialised crate for shipping which cost an estimated $1million
  • Art is moving at $54 billion with 36 million transactions
  • Galleries spend approximately 60-80% of their costs on shipping to art fairs, therefore posing the question – imagine how many more art fairs could be attended if only shipping costs were more affordable and reliable?
  • Buyers take shipping expenses into account and therefore ask for additional information before committing to a sale


David Liatowisch: Daniel, in the realm of logistics, and given your experience, do you see potential for improvement with the emergence of technology in the current situation?

Daniel Lev-erIn my experience as a collection manager, the greatest challenge was finding the ideal qualified service provider around the world. You may do your research but other than sourcing for the service, the next immediate question is ‘How do you make an informed decision? How do you trust and liaise?’ Even when receiving quotes – they are expensive. You compare them and they are impossible – sitting in Tel Aviv and comparing quotes from Philippines.

DL: What is the main benefit the internet is able to assist with?

Daniel: The answer is data. Based on the data that we have at ArtRunners, we are able to pair and specify which service provider is most suitable to help you with your request based on their performance and experience, therefore making the process more efficient.