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‘Art is Long, Life is Short’ with Tara Dinic

‘Art is Long, Life is Short’ with Tara Dinic
December 7, 2017 Art World Forum
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“Creating art is only half the work”


With a growing supply of artists and artworks in circulation, Art World Forum catches up with Tara Dinic, an emerging artist who recently changed career paths, from corporate to artist full-time, to find out more on why, how and what caused the transition.

Given your trajectory to date, what was it that made you change and want to be an artist? 

Ironically I had never considered becoming a full-time artist, it somehow just “happened”. Studying BSc finance and MSc marketing, then entering the corporate engineering world, I was far removed from art and creativity. I believe this is what pushed me to buy a canvas and paints as I felt so engulfed in processes, procedures and structured systems that I needed a world to escape to. What began as a hobby, painting once a week became evermore frequent and within a year or two, my apartment has accumulated so many artworks and received quite a bit of interest (and sales) that I realised I may be on to something.

Art-World-Forum-Tara-Dinic-2 tara dinic - Art World Forum Tara Dinic 2 300x300 - ‘Art is Long, Life is Short’ with Tara Dinic

As an emerging artist, fresh to the market dynamics how do you position yourself and promote your works? What platforms do you use?

To build a reputation takes years, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step. I try to use all channels possible; commissioning works for large spaces/clubs, gallery representation, magazine features, word of mouth, social media- any and every way possible. We are living in a time where we have so many channels to reach potential collectors, why not use them?

You just mentioned collectors – how have you managed the interest and how have collectors approached your work? Are they local buyers or maybe international…?

Collectors have approached me through various channels. When I had started out, mainly buyers living in my hometown, London contacted me; I have sold paintings through the gallery which represents me in London (Sister Gallery) and various art shows. Collectors have also contacted me directly via email and through my Instagram page. However, as I  receive more exposure, I have had collectors as far as LA and Singapore buy my work.

Knowing you are fairly international, with Serbian roots yet being brought up in Greece, would you say your practice is reflective of your environment? Have you drawn inspiration from your roots?

Art-World-Forum-Tara-Dinic-5 tara dinic - Art World Forum Tara Dinic 5 225x300 - ‘Art is Long, Life is Short’ with Tara Dinic

My main inspiration is definitely through my travels; the landscapes, the  wildlife and culture of a place. As I spent most of my childhood in Athens, by the sea, and rainy London I use a lot of blues to represent different forms of water.

In my latest series, I use a lot of gold as I spent many summers in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which is a nod to the arid and desert life I encountered as a child.

On your journey so far as a full-time practicing artist what is the greatest challenge you have been faced with?

Having “eureka” moments and inspiration comes quite naturally, so I’m lucky to say I have not had “artists’ block”, however it is difficult to transfer your emotions onto canvas, and for all audiences to understand your artwork. After all, it is very subjective and what may appeal and be understood to one group, may not appeal or be appreciated by another and vice versa.

Is there a specific message you try to promote?

Every one of us is an artist, we all have creativity within ourselves and we are all intricate, imperfect works of art.

Lastly, if you could share a piece of advice with all emerging artists, what would it be?

There is a place for every artist in this world, every piece and person is unique. Believe and work hard and you will achieve your goals. As the ancient Greeks said: Art is long, life is short.

That said, creating art is only half the work. You have to be prepared and determined to promote yourself and your artwork (as awkward/unnatural as it may feel). If you don’t sell pieces, creating art is merely a hobby.

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