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Business Models for New Media Art with Rob Anders

Business Models for New Media Art with Rob Anders
October 16, 2018 Art World Forum
In Editor's Picks
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 “The internet was made to bring us together and in a way has alienated us.”

When defining New Media Art we talk about works that are made, shown and experienced digitally started Rob Anders, CEO of Niio. Artists have always adopted tools to explore new perspectives and tell the world their story. Today there’s a greater access to digital tools than ever before. When talking about digital formats, we put strong emphasis on AI, AR, VR, and interactive works where you and the artwork become one; the work is living – it’s fed real world and real time.

The digital medium reflects today’s age and resonates with the broadest audience that isn’t necessarily very comfortable with the art world.

Buying digital

Plenty of shows display these mediums – the Turner Prize and the Venice Biennale – but when buying such works, there are challenges.

Having spoken to 200 of world’s top artists, galleries, collectors and institutions, we better understood what makes the digital medium complicated:

  1. It’s hard to find – galleries struggle to sell these works and are unfamiliar with the best way to display them even though the majority of their artists will be working across mediums.
  2. A void in technology – create purposeful technology that will escort the work from its inception for its entire lifecycle. Catalogue the biggest collection of digital works in the world where it can be preserved, inclusive of all curatorial data.
  3. Reaching new audiences – at a time when younger collectors are a lot more comfortable with digital rather than a physical, tangible object, surely there are other business models that will benefit the artist.

First and foremost, we care about the artist, and we want to express their creativity to the world.


The industry lacked preservation standards so ultimately collectors were scared and didn’t know what they were buying. Today, we’re talking about high value digital assets using the blockchain.

Building an ecosystem

We want to create one tech-driven platform that supports all digital formats, that will expose the art and corporate worlds to new business models and go beyond this world into different environments. The internet was made to bring us all together and in a way has alienated us – let’s change that!


Try to expose the broadest audience to a medium which tells a story about time, which is hugely appreciated but hugely undervalued.