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There’s No Point Doing Anything Unless You’re Going to Change Everything

There’s No Point Doing Anything Unless You’re Going to Change Everything
February 5, 2019 Art World Forum
In Editor's Picks

Catching up with Benjamin Hampe, Asia Pacific Representative of Arndt Art Agency (A3) during the 3rd Annual Singapore event, he shared the following insights during his panel discussion on “Changing Attitudes”.

1. I once had very good advice from my employer at the time “there’s no point doing anything unless you’re going to change everything.” I don’t know if that’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself but I feel like if I’m not learning anything new, then it’s time to change.

2. I noticed after some time that we often work in silos. There has always been tension between people in the art sector – discussing who got what and where funding went… On a local level, I feel that a lot of discussions in Singapore are very Singapore-centric and this approach diminishes the scope of what this country can do.

3. Looking at Singapore’s development in its attempt to create an art market, the mood is low. There is significant reliance on government programmes, which is the reality of how things run here, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen elsewhere too. For anything to survive it needs to rely on itself.

4. The whole world, is ready and waiting for ideas, projects and people to disrupt. But sometimes the attitude is not there. We have to remain adaptable!

5. Whether this is a cultural shift, the arts sector or waiting around for grants, it is the entrepreneurial spirit that is lacking in the Singapore school system.