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Encouraging Diversity in the Art World with Ifeoma Dike

Encouraging Diversity in the Art World with Ifeoma Dike
September 2, 2019 Art World Forum
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Art World Forum London 2019- Ifeoma Dike -speaker-art expert

Speaker Interview with Ifeoma Dike, CEO of IDDUK – an innovative art advisory and brokerage company specializing in bringing eclectic collectible Art from Africa to the forefront of cultural globalization while actively working to raise the global profile of Africa’s Modern and Contemporary Art and to expand the market potential for artists and collectors, Ifeoma supports large corporate and private clients, including high net worth individuals who are creating collections that are valuable and representative of the best visual arts talent in Africa today.

“The art market today is still dominated by patriarchy and bias. The commercial artworld is warped by the belief that male artists are commercially more viable than women. We need to challenge the status quo, encourage cognitive diversity, and need more women supporting women art professionals and artists.”

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