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Lynn Guo

Artist and Co-Founder, The International Arts & Culture Group (TIAC)

Her passion for drawing and painting developed from a very young age though it wasn’t until years later after emigrating to Australia, that her attraction to art was fully explored and realised. Due to the impact of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and subsequent suppression of the arts, art was one of the abandoned subjects of her parents’ generation. Lynn was encouraged to pursue a more formal education and so she completed a Business Administration Degree and an Advanced Diploma in Literature at university. After graduation, she worked in the corporate environment for several years. Following her relocation to Sydney, her early artistic motivation was rekindled and Lynn enrolled in the drawing and painting program at the Julian Ashton Art School and took workshops at the Victorian Artists Society.

During that time Lynn was inspired and encouraged by these wonderful artists’ communities and teachers, and she fully realised that it’s never too late to achieve one’s dreams. This experience provided her with the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and techniques of traditional oil painting. Her ongoing interest in the classical foundations of art and her determination to be an artist have seen her travel to Italy three times to complete her study at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. During the study in Florence, she achieved an End-of-year prize of The Best Figure Painting of Intermediate Program and a teaching scholarship , to assist teaching for a year in The Florence Academy of Art. Upon graduation, Lynn set up her own painting studio in both Florence and Brisbane, continually work on painting compositions and explore her interest of humanity through painting, as well as teaching and sharing with others, Lynn’s professional artist career started since she participated multiple group exhibitions and competitions along these years in Australia, Europe and China. Her desire of learning and seeking has never stopped, in order to find the connection of classical oil painting technique and contemporary living themes, she has undertook multiple master workshops with Spanish Masters Golucho & Antonio Lopez since 2016.

Four years ago,Lynn made the decision to include ‘giving back’ as part of her artistic journey: she wants to be able to share the knowledge and techniques that she has learnt, be a good teacher and student, learning and sharing into the future.

In 2013, Lynn co-founded The Chinese Artists in Florence society, in 2014 founded the Italian Chinese Arts & Culture Exchange Association , the society and association have been growing since start, more and more creative individuals and fine art academies have joint and worked together, along the growth of the community , in 2016 Lynn and other co-founders formally combined association and society into one entrepreneurial project : TIAC ( The International Arts & Culture Group), continually carrying on a mission to encourage, educate, and empower artists with study opportunities, meanwhile providing work opportunities to more creative individuals in the art field.

Her work is held in private collections throughout Australia, Europe and China.