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Mitchell Price


My name is Mitchell Price, and it took me many years to work up the nerve to become and artist. To even self-identify as an artist is still difficult for me because the meaning of the word can be so vague and has so many different meanings to different people that I generally try not to use it when describing myself to others, though I believe it to be true at this point.

The nature of what I do exactly for the past several years has been largely technical, both to learn and to teach technique to others. My formal education however was a combination of humanities and hard sciences which taught me to revel in the world of thoughts and ideas. Much of what I have been taught about art would suggest that art is made as a response to an emotional state, or as an attempt to communicate or better yet express an emotive state to others. Perhaps certain work would seek to stimulate a such a state in others. While I certainly respect this approach and admire those who do it well I find myself more and more interested in the expression of ideas or concepts, albeit in a very ‘traditional’ way. I find that, particularly after teaching for some time, that the expression and communication of an idea can be every bit as beautiful as the communication of sentiment, or even art for the sake of art. If done well.

How this plays out in a commercial environment both intrigues me and inspires great dread, though not necessarily in equal measure. My main concern artistically is trying to skillfully respond to our contemporary world by highlighting events, themes, or ideas which for me reveal something about ourselves to ourselves. I suspect it is a project doomed to failure, but that is as far as I can tell the bargain the artist makes for being an artist.