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Aiwei Foo

Multi-disciplinary Artist

Aiwei Foo is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in fine arts and fashion design. She is constantly exploring life as an art form and to integrate art into life. Aiwei sculpts her craft by working with limitations in a spontaneous manner, creating both physical and nonphysical works with various mediums: visuals, textiles, drawing, writing, music, video and performance art. She considers the diversity of mediums as tools for a multitude of artistic inquiries, aiding her to ponder about the hidden meaning behind every mundane facet of daily life.

In her latest photography work, she used the subject matter of her life in Helsinki, where the protagonist (self-portrait) has been enhanced with a depiction of beaming from the eyes. Has it become an art performance staged in real life where the boundary of life and art is blurred? This series serves the artist’s query about the framing of art: from where or how art is seen as art, what and when it is not. The role of an artist is hence ambiguous, hard to be identified and categorised.