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  • Sep022019
    Art World Forum London 2019- Ifeoma Dike -speaker-art expert  - WhatsApp Image 2019 06 12 at 08 - Blog

    Encouraging Diversity in the Art World with Ifeoma Dike

    Speaker Interview with Ifeoma Dike, CEO of IDDUK – an innovative art advisory and brokerage company specializing in bringing eclectic…

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  • Aug252019
    Art-World-Forum-London-Lise-Arlot-Co-Founder-Art-Director-Feral-Horses  - Art World Forum London Lise Arlot Co Founder Art Director Feral Horses 600x400 - Blog

    “How Could Young and Broke Art Lovers Afford Expensive Art Tastes?”​ with Lise Arlot of Feral Horses

    Our next speaker interview catches up with Lise Arlot, Co-founder & Art Director at Feral Horses, the online platform to co-own…

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  • Aug132019
    Art-World-Forum-London-Natasha-Arselan-AucArt  - Art World Forum London Natasha Arselan AucArt 600x400 - Blog

    “Because Art Changed My Life”​ – Interview with Natasha Arselan

    The third speaker interview addresses new art avenues, measuring impacts and redefining the industry’s playing field. “Still unregulated and still…

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  • Aug102019
    Art-World-Forum-London-Collector-Sylvain-Levy-dslCollection  - Art World Forum London Collector Sylvain Levy dslCollection 600x900 - Blog

    Find Your Niche with Sylvain Levy

    The second speaker interview features Sylvain Levy, Co-Founder of the dslcollection and renowned collector of Chinese Contemporary Art. Welcoming Sylvain as…

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  • Jul062019
    Art-World-Forum-London-Marine-Tanguy-MTArt-Agency  - Art World Forum London Marine Tanguy MTArt Agency 600x400 - Blog

    Creative Empowerment with Marine Tanguy

    In anticipation of the 2nd annual London event “The Bigger Picture” on Thursday 26th September at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery,…

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  • May142019
    - M Subba photo 600x900 - Blog

    “Only Great Works Can Command Value” with Massimiliano Subba, Anthea Art Investments

    With growing wealth around the world, art as an asset class, and the need for specialised expertise in the art…

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  • Apr292019
    Art World Forum-Dorothy-Lin-Bonhams  - Dorothy Lin Bonhams 600x750 - Blog

    Determining Value with Bonhams Auction Specialist, Dorothy Lin

    Art World Forum reconnects with former speaker, Dorothy Lin, Modern and Contemporary Art Specialist at Bonhams Hong Kong, to find…

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  • Apr242019
    Art World Forum-Art Collector-Dakis-Joannou-Deste Foundation  - Dakis Joannou 600x400 - Blog

    Looking for Art with Collector Dakis Joannou

    Photo Credit:© Alexia Antsakli – As one of the most notable collectors of Contemporary Art in the world, Art…

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  • Mar282019
    Art World Forum-Véra Kempf-Singulart  - AWF VK 600x840 - Blog

    50k Artworks, 85 Nationalities and Data-Based Decisions with Véra Kempf, Singulart

    Véra Kempf, Co-Founder of Singulart and one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Retail and Commerce 2019, shares her insights…

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  • Mar252019
    Art World Forum-Yanyun Chen-Singapore-Artist  - AWF Yanyun 600x712 - Blog

    Defining An Artist with Yanyun Chen, “Someone Who Designs the Very Framework of “Responsibility”

    With a focus on Asia for Art Basel Hong Kong, Art World Forum returns to Singapore for an interview with…

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  • Mar182019
    Art World Forum-Valeria Napoleone-Collector  - Valeria Mounted Image 600x903 - Blog

    Valeria Napoleone Shares “Real Change Needs Real Commitment”

    Photo by Philip Sinden Art World Forum catches up with Valeria Napoleone, renowned collector of many of Contemporary Art’s most…

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  • Mar122019
    Art World Forum-Lauren Baker-Artist  - AWF Lauren Baker 1 600x602 - Blog

    Lauren Baker’s Tips on Being An Artist

    Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist who exhibits internationally. tHer work explores the fragility of life, energy-fields, the after-life…

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  • Mar082019
    Art World Forum-MTArt Agency-Marine Tanguy  - AWD 600x401 - Blog

    Marine Tanguy on “Structures Don’t Matter, They Evolve. Artists Matter the Most” 

    Founder of MTArt Agency, and voted one of Forbes’ 30 under 30, Marine Tanguy shares more about her thoughts on…

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  • Feb282019
    Art World Forum-Lauren Baker-Artist  - unspecified5 600x515 - Blog

    Twenty-Two Shows a Year and Counting with Lauren Baker

    As an emerging artist in London to take significant note of, Art World Forum catches up with Lauren Baker. Recommending…

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  • Feb182019
    Art World Forum-Lynn-Fung-Liang Yi Museum-Hong Kong  - AWF Lynn 600x400 - Blog

    “We cherish our freedom to be experimental” with Lynn Fung, Director of the Liang Yi Museum

    Image: Lynn Fung. Courtesy of the Liang Yi Museum. Photo: South China Morning Post. “As a museum, it is important…

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  • Feb062019
    Art-World-Forum-Singapore-2018-Lisa Polten, Kay Vasey, Uma Parameswer  - AWF sing 2018 lisa polten 600x401 - Blog

    We Need to Disrupt What We Believe Art Is and What Is Worth Showing

    In a discussion looking to tackle sustainability in Singapore, the impactful growth of new business models and means in which…

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  • Feb052019
    Art-World-Forum-Singapore-2018-Benjamin-Hampe  - AWF Singa 2018 600x751 - Blog

    There’s No Point Doing Anything Unless You’re Going to Change Everything

    Catching up with Benjamin Hampe, Asia Pacific Representative of Arndt Art Agency (A3) during the 3rd Annual Singapore event, he…

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  • Jan312019
    Art-World-Forum-Singapore-2018-Marcelo Garcia Casil-Maecenas  - AWF Sing 2018 Marcelo 600x372 - Blog

    Lack of Access to Very Attractive Asset Classes with Maecenas

    In a discussion with Marcelo García Casil, CEO of Maecenas, Art World Forum finds out more about the platform, how it…

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  • Jan292019
    Art World Forum Singapore 2018-Gabriel Dufourcq-Jezamine Fewins  - AWFS Gab 600x495 - Blog

    Investing In Art with Jezamine Fewins and Gabriel Dufourcq

    “Anyone Investing in Art Needs to Get to Grips With What Their Rights Are” Starting the 3rd Annual Singapore edition…

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  • Jan252019
    Art-World-Forum-James-Springer-George-Town-Malaysia-Canvas  - Art World Forum James Springer George Town Malaysia Canvas 600x438 - Blog

    “George Town: Malaysia’s Canvas” by James Springer

    While a city’s development can be judged by its age, time is by no means an absolute measure of a…

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  • Jan182019
    Art World Forum-Art-Fairs-Southeast Asia  - AWF Art Stage 600x552 - Blog

    Art Fair Politics in Southeast Asia

    Taipei Dangdai, S.E.A. Focus and Art Stage 2019 With only days to go until the start of Singapore Art Week,…

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  • Dec142018
    Art World Forum-CEO and Co-Founder-Anni Oates  - Anni 600x713 - Blog

    Art Market Guru Interviews Anni Oates

    A special thank you to Art Market Guru for catching up with our CEO and Co-Founder, Anni Oates, to find…

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  • Nov252018
    Art World Forum Singapore 2018-Uma Parameswar  - AWF Sing Uma 600x495 - Blog

    Nook Magazine on Art World Forum

    As the 3rd annual Singapore edition comes to a close, Nook Magazine explores this year’s theme on “Sustainability”, the essence…

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  • Nov232018
    Art World Forum-Tiziana Maggio-Maggio Art Consultancy-London  - AWF tiiana 600x400 - Blog

    Maggio Art Consultancy Features Art World Forum

    Welcoming Tiziana Maggio, Art Consultant and Curator from Maggio Art Consultancy, as a distinguished speaker at the inaugural London edition,…

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  • Nov202018
    Art World Forum-London 2018-South Korea-Sunju-Lee  - ARTWA 2 600x655 - Blog

    Art Markets: What About South Korea?

    With a notable focus on South Korea in the Art Basel and UBS Art Market Report 2018, quoting its increased…

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  • Nov032018
    Art World Forum-Singapore-2018-Priya Mudgal  - AWF Sing 2018 600x521 - Blog

    Blurring lines between an Institution and a Gallery with Priya Mudgal

    During the 3rd annual Singapore event, Priya Mudgal, Business Director of Pearl Lam Galleries in Singapore featured as a distinguished…

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  • Nov022018
    Art World Forum-Art market Guru-press 2018-technology  - Tech 600x450 - Blog

    Art Market Guru on Art Market Growth and Resources

    In a recent feature published by Art Market Guru, exploring the growth of the art market, its abundance of content…

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  • Oct272018
    Art World Forum London-START-Report  - start 22 600x400 - Blog

    “Art Doesn’t Evolve in Solitude” London Event Report 2018

    To download the event report please click here.   Notably recognised as one of the world’s largest art markets and…

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  • Oct202018
    Art-World-Forum-Singapore-2018-Sustainability-Lisa Polten, Kay Vasey, Ngoc nau  - AWF Sing 2018 Ngoc 600x899 - Blog

    Singapore Event Report 2018: Sustainability

    To download the event report please click here. “The main mission is to present fine art as a first class citizen…

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  • Oct182018
    Art World Forum-Singapore 2018-Lisa Polten  - AWF Lisa 600x899 - Blog

    Artitute: Shaping the Future of Arts with Technology

    Held on Thursday 27th September at One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Artitute features the 3rd annual Art World Forum Singapore…

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  • Oct172018
    Art World Forum Singapore 2018-Kay Vasey  - AWFSing Kay 600x495 - Blog

    Exclusive Interview With Kay Vasey on 938Now

    As one of our distinguished guest speakers at the 3rd annual Singapore event with the theme “Sustainability”, Kay Vasey, Chief Connecting…

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  • Oct162018
    Art-World-Forum-London-2018-Rob Anders-Niio  - AWFL  600x400 - Blog

    Business Models for New Media Art with Rob Anders

     “The internet was made to bring us together and in a way has alienated us.” When defining New Media Art…

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  • Oct162018
    Art World Forum London 2018-Maggio Art Consultancy, V&A Museum, Look Lateral, English Heritage  - AWF London 1 600x495 - Blog

    What is Great Art and How Do We Engage With It?

    The inaugural Art World Forum London event welcomed the insight and expertise of four pioneering women – Dominique Bouchard of English…

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  • Oct162018
    Art-World-Forum-London-Adriano Pincinati di Torcello-2018  - AWF London Adriano 600x400 - Blog

    Art and Finance According to Adriano Picinati di Torcello

    Welcomed as a distinguished guest at the Inaugural London event, Adriano Pincinati di Torcello, Director of Art and Finance at Deloitte,…

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  • Oct162018
    Art-World-Forum-London-Jakub Krcmar-2018  - AWF 600x400 - Blog

    “Data, data, data…”​ Discussing Technology in the Art Market

    Formatted as a panel discussion on the impact and effects of new technologies on the collectors’ market, guest speaker Jakub Krcmar,…

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  • Oct162018
    Art-World-Forum-London-2018  - AWF London 600x495 - Blog

    “Being Tempted”​ With Frédéric de Senarclens and James Goodwin

    Invited as distinguished guests at the inaugural Art World Forum London edition, Frédéric de Senarclens, Founder of ArtMarketGuru, and James…

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  • Oct052018
    Art-World-Forum-Singapore-2018-Kay-Vasey-Bala-Starr  - AWF Singapore 2018  600x401 - Blog

    Lessons Learnt from Kay Vasey and Bala Starr

    Bala Starr, Director, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Lasalle College of the Arts: 1. Two fundamental ways in which our…

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  • Sep192018
    Art-World-Forum-Maecneas-Andy-Warhol  - AWF Andy Warhol 14 Small Electric Charis Reversal Series - Blog

    Creating Liquidity for Naturally Illiquid Assets: A Discussion with Maecenas

    As we count the days to the 3rd Annual Singapore event, where additional insight on Maecenas will be shared by…

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  • Sep172018
    Art World Forum London 2018  - Art World Forum London 2018 600x400 - Blog

    Art Market Guru’s Review of A Collector’s Market When Technology Joins the Party

    The inaugural Art World Forum London event, held in association with START Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery, welcomed Frédéric…

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  • Sep122018
    Art World Forum-James Goodwin-London  - AWF london James 600x400 - Blog

    City AM and James Goodwin Mention Art World Forum

    As a reputable academic, researcher and writer, James Goodwin not only joined us as a guest speaker at the inaugural…

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  • Sep082018
    Art World Forum-Bonhams  - AWF Bonhams 600x450 - Blog

    Epiris Buys Bonhams

    225-year old auction house, Bonhams, is bought by private equity firm Epiris LLP A notable rival to Sotheby’s and Christie’s,…

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  • Jul182018
    Art World Forum-Desree Akorahson 2018  - AWF Desree 600x400 - Blog

    Desree Akorahson as the Girly Girl with a Twist

    As the winner of the ASOS Fashion Discovery Peoples Choice Award 2018, Desree was approached to feature as a guest speaker…

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  • Jul012018
    Art-World-Forum-The-Lifestyle-Market  - The Lifestyle Market2 600x420 - Blog

    Art World Forum in Paris with The Lifestyle Market

    With two upcoming events scheduled for September in London and Singapore, Art World Forum is pleased to be the official…

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  • Jun192018
    Art-World-Forum-The Art Market-Press Singapore  - AWF Singapor 600x400 - Blog

    The Art Market Mentions Upcoming Art World Forum Events

    The Art World Forum event calendar proudly promotes two upcoming events – the inaugural London edition, hosted in association with…

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  • Jun052018
    Art World Forum-Zena Khan- Aliya and Farouk Khan Collection  - IMG 9941 600x900 - Blog

    The Growing Demands for Malaysian Art with Zena Khan

    “The Malaysian art scene is far more progressive than the rest of Southeast Asia” Art World Forum catches up with…

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  • May292018
    Art-World-Forum-Denis-Belkevich_2  - Art World Forum Denis Belkevich 2 600x400 - Blog

    Denis Belkevich on New Tech Tools for Collectors

    As a media partner of the Grand Asian Art Bazaar (GAAB) in Warsaw, Poland, Art World Forum catches up with…

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  • May262018
    Art World Forum-Alain Servais-Phillips Conference 2018  - AWF 57CC268F 09CA 4D92 9828 FE098AFD43EC 600x299 - Blog

    10 Things to Learn from Alain Servais

    10 Things to Learn from Alain Servais About the Art Market in Just  30 Minutes 1.  There are different types…

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  • Apr202018
    Art World Forum-Hong Kong-Speakers 2018-Karen Levy  - AWF Karen Levy 600x401 - Blog

    Technologies, Humanity and the dslCollection with Karen Levy

    Overall, it is important to share with other collectors and challenge the art. Welcoming Karen Levy as a distinguished guest…

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  • Apr202018
    Art World Forum Hong Kong 2018-Speakers  - AWF Group 600x400 - Blog

    Hong Kong Post-Event Highlights

    Art as a Force For Good To download the report as a pdf please click here. With a multitude of…

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  • Mar262018
    Art-World-Forum-Bonhams-Ronald-Ventura  - Art World Forum Bonhams Ronald Ventura 600x721 - Blog

    Auction Houses: Collaborations in Hong Kong

    Scheduled to host our 2nd annual Hong Kong edition of South Island Art Day with the theme “The New Art…

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  • Mar122018
    Art-World-Forum-Armory-Show-2  - Art World Forum Armory Show 2 600x449 - Blog

    Top 5 Works at the Armory Show

    Weekend Picks: The Armory Show 2018 Notably known as New York’s leading art fair for 20th and 21st Century artwork,…

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  • Mar122018
    Art-World-Forum-Sylvain-Levy  - Art World Forum Sylvain 600x450 - Blog

    VR, Museums and Sylvain Levy

    Collecting can make an ordinary person have an extraordinary life. Admittedly getting caught up in the VR discussion, Art World…

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  • Feb272018
    Art-World-Forum-Art-Stage-Singapore-WIPO-IPOS-Article  - Art World Forum Art Stage Article 1 600x401 - Blog

    Propelling Change in Singapore’s Support Systems

    Government Support and Academic Interest in Place; Funding from Private Sector Paramount to Propel Singapore Art Market  Singapore Minister of…

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  • Feb092018
    Art-World-Forum-Art-Stage-New Business Model-Collector as Gallerist  - Art World Forum Art Stage 600x401 - Blog

    Introducing New Business Models to the Art Market

    ‘Collector as a Gallerist’ Business Model for the Art Market With a changing environment, and art pioneers at our doorstep,…

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  • Dec272017
    Art World Forum - Anatoli Avetyan  - anatoliavetyan1 600x429 - Blog

    “I dream of creating…” with Anatoli Avetyan

    Passion: Art. I may live without my family, but I cannot live without art. Influences: Usually, I do not create…

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  • Dec222017
    Art-World-Forum-Florence-4  - AWF Florence 600x400 - Blog

    ‘Artists Take the Lead’ Post-Event Report

    Signifying the second European event and the 5th annual event of 2017, the full-day programme titled “Artists Take the Lead”…

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  • Dec222017
    Art World Forum - Start Art Fair  - Start 600x400 - Blog

    New Year Collaborations with START Art Fair

    Welcoming the new year with open arms, Art World Forum is proud to be collaborating with one of London’s most…

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  • Dec072017
    Art-World-Forum-Tara-Dinic-3  - Art World Forum Tara Dinic 3 600x450 - Blog

    ‘Art is Long, Life is Short’ with Tara Dinic

    “Creating art is only half the work”   With a growing supply of artists and artworks in circulation, Art World…

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  • Nov182017
    Art World Forum Florence-Samir Ceric  - Samir Ceric Jul2017 600x600 - Blog

    Introducing Samir Ceric and the Art Coach

    Introducing Samir Ceric and the Art Coach With our inaugural Italian edition, ‘Artists Take the Lead’,  just around the corner,…

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  • Oct302017
    Art World Forum-Frieze London-2018  - 22279885 483529688695465 4026801985062729073 n 600x596 - Blog

    Thoughts at Frieze London

    Thoughts at Frieze London This year’s 15th Frieze London week welcomed 290 dealers exhibiting works at both Frieze London and…

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  • Oct252017
    Art-World-Forum_Singapore-2017-Kola Luu Anne-Marie Clavelli  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2017 Web 366 600x400 - Blog

    Giving to the Arts: Forming a Sustainable Art Ecosystem in Singapore

    Giving to the Arts: Forming a Sustainable Art Ecosystem in Singapore Written by Yang Yilin, Arts and Humanities Major, Yale-NUS College…

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  • Oct162017
    Art-World-Forum_Singapore-2017-Ruben Pang  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2017 Web 640 1 600x400 - Blog

    Art World Tales & Trust

    Tales & Trust in the Art World: A Conversation between Ruben Pang, John Philips, Michelle Ho and Nadya Wang A…

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  • Oct132017
    Art-World-Forum_Singapore-2017_Web_191  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2017 Web 191 600x400 - Blog

    Creating Markets: Post-event Report 2017

    CreatingMarkets: Post-event Report 2017 To download the report as a PDF click here. Notably quoting the 2017 TEFAF Global Art…

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  • Oct102017
    Art-World-Forum_Singapore-2017_Anne-Marie Clavelli  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2017 Web 307 600x400 - Blog

    Art Radar Feature: Measuring Art’s Impact

    The second annual Singapore edition came coupled with the theme “Creating Markets: Opportunities, Challenges and the Mainstream”. Supported by a…

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  • Oct102017
    Art World Forum Berlin 2017-Daniel Lever-ArtRunners  - 1586 ArtTB 600x400 - Blog

    Art Logistics with Daniel Lev-er of ArtRunners

    Art Logistics with Daniel Lev-er of ArtRunners CEO of ArtRunners, Daniel Lev-er is welcomed as a distinguished guest speaker at…

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  • Oct102017
    Art-World-Forum-Berlin-  - Art World Forum Berlin  600x400 - Blog

    Art World Forum Berlin 2017 – Event Report

    ‘Leading Cultural Growth’ Event Report In association with Art. Talking Business., Art World Forum hosted its European debut titled “Leading…

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  • Oct022017
    Art World Forum-The Artling-Singapore 2017  - AWF Kay 600x401 - Blog

    The Artling: Creating Markets Highlights

    Welcoming over 120+ international guests, the 2nd annual Singapore edition encouraged dynamic discussions which addressed the global art market with…

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  • Oct022017
    Art-World-Forum-Singapore-2017  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2017 Web 253 600x400 - Blog

    Both Sides of the Coin: An Event Review by Luxuo

    Returning to Singapore for the 2nd consecutive year, Luxuo publishes a review of the second annual Art World Forum Singapore…

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  • Sep252017
    Art-World-Forum-Luxuo Press Singapore  - AWF 2 600x401 - Blog

    Singapore Event Listing on Luxuo

    With just a couple days to go before the 2nd annual Art World Forum Singapore event, this year’s full-day agenda…

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  • Sep212017
    Art-World-Forum_Singapore-2017_Web_347  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2017 Web 347 600x400 - Blog

    The Artling Partners Art World Forum

    Returning for the second annual Singapore edition, the full-day agenda welcomes media partner – The Artling – to cover the…

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  • Jul052017
    Art World Forum -Art Basel, Basel-2017  - 2017 06 16 PHOTO 00016082 1 600x338 - Blog

    How to do Art Basel in Basel

    How to do Art Basel in Basel By Veronica Neo Be at the fair in person. Connect with the people…

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  • Jun052017
    Art World Forum - Artwork Shot © Melissa Tan  - 1 600x395 - Blog

    Singaporean talent, Melissa Tan on her practice and the overall art scene

    Art World Forum catches up with the emerging Singaporean artist, Melissa Tan, on her practice, the art scene in Singapore…

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  • May172017
    Art-World-Forum-Efficiency-Serge-Tiroche  - Art World Forum Serge Tiroche 600x400 - Blog

    Bringing More Efficiency to the System with Serge Tiroche

    Art World Forum transcribes some key points raised by Serge Tiroche, Co-Founder of Art Runners and The Tiroche DeLeon Collection,…

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  • May172017
    Art-World-Forum-Art HK Magazine-Founders  - Art World Forum Founders 600x900 - Blog

    Art HK Magazine x Art World Forum

    Art HK Magazine, the first international bilingual art publication in Hong Kong, features the Art World Forum founders on the its…

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  • Apr252017
    AWF-South-Island-Art-Day-Hong-Kong-2017-  - AWF South Island Art Day Hong Kong 2017  600x969 - Blog

    Hong Kong Event Report 2017: South Island Art Day

    Hong Kong Event Report 2017: South Island Art Day An indicative report focusing on a few key points raised by…

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  • Apr232017
    ArtWorldForum Founders-Power Duo  - ArtWorldForum 600x439 - Blog

    The Art Gorgeous on Singapore’s Power Duo

    The ArtGorgeous, a media company and community powerhouse, which prides itself on its innovative concepts and strategies via its creative content, caught up with…

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  • Apr202017
    Art World Forum-Liang Yi-  - AWF LY  600x450 - Blog

    ‘New Ways of Seeing’: Art World Forum Hong Kong report 2017

    A report highlighting a few key findings from the Art World Forum event, ‘New Ways of Seeing’, at the Liang…

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  • Apr142017
    Art-World-Forum-Web  - Art World Forum Web 600x450 - Blog

    The Desk on how to bridge art and business

    the Desk, a communal working environment for entrepreneurs and emerging leaders, reaches out to ask a few questions about Art…

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  • Mar272017
    Art World Forum Web-LY  - Web LY 600x450 - Blog

    Art Views Shares A Few Thoughts on Art World Forum

    As a media partner of ‘South Island Art Day’ and a recently launched platforms for art collectors, Art Views features…

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  • Mar152017
    Art-World-Forum-Hong-Kong-L'Hotel Island South-2018  - Art World Forum Hong Kong 2018 600x750 - Blog

    Second Annual Edition in Hong Kong: 2018

    Second Annual Edition in Hong Kong: 2018 Join us as we return to Hong Kong for the second annual edition…

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  • Mar022017
    AWF-Collage-2016  - AWF Collage 2016 600x430 - Blog

    ‘Navigating The Global Art Markets’: Art World Forum Report 2016

      As rated by The World Bank in 2016, Singapore ranks second in the world for its ease in doing…

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  • Mar022017
    Art-World-Forum_Singapore-2016-Ruben Pang  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2016 Web 094 600x400 - Blog

    AXA Art features Art World Forum

    As an international supporter of Art World Forum, insurance giant, AXA Art, publishes a feature on a few select findings discussed…

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  • Mar012017
    Art-World-Forum-Manila-2018  - Art World Forum Manila 2018 600x450 - Blog

    Art World Forum Goes to Manila in 2018

    Art World Forum Goes to Manila in 2018 Following the success and support of it followers, Art World Forum is…

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  • Jan062017
    world-forum_singapore-EuroCham  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2016 Web 197 600x400 - Blog

    Bridging Art and Business with

    After a thorough chat with the Art World Forum founders, one of their sponsors, TWG, and one of the event’s…

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  • Jan062017
    art-world-forum_Anni-Oates  - AIP Portrait Art World Forum Web 024 600x400 - Blog

    An interview with Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

    As one of the attending delegates of the inaugural Art World Forum, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore finds a moment to sit…

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  • Nov242016
    • Art World Forum-Florence-2018  - AWF Florence 2018 600x450 - Blog
    • AWF-Florence-2018-600x450  - AWF Florence 2018 600x450 - Blog

    Join us in Florence with ‘Artists Take the Lead’

    Join us in Florence with ‘Artists Take the Lead’ In association with The International Arts and Culture Group (TIAC), Art…

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  • Nov062016
    AWF-art-world-forum_singapore  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2016 Web 575 600x400 - Blog

    Art And Only publishes Art World Forum report

    As a proud media partner of the inaugural Art World Forum, ‘Navigating The Global Art Markets’, Art And Only publishes…

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  • Nov012016
    AWF-Jeremy Fernando  - jf by jwp 600x600 - Blog

    Jeremy Fernando on Art World Forum

    If one were to attempt to assess the Art World Forum by the promise of its name, its naming, there…

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  • Oct262016
    art-world-forum-navigating-the-global-art-markets-2016-steven-liew-gabija-grusaite-prerna-suri-serge-tiroche  - Art World Forum Navigating The Global Art Markets 2016 Steven Liew Gabija Grusaite Prerna Suri Serge Tiroche 600x400 - Blog

    High Net Worth Attends Art World Forum

    After a full-day art business conference, listening to experienced guest speakers on pressing issues within the art market, High Net…

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  • Oct262016
    AWF-art-world-forum-founders  - AIP Portrait Art World Forum Web 051 600x400 - Blog

    Navigating The Global Art Markets

    Art And Only writes a cover feature on Art World Forum and what to expect from its inaugural full-day conference…

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  • Oct262016
    AWF_art-world-forum_singapore  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2016 Web 225 600x400 - Blog

    The Peak Singapore Lists Art World Forum

    The Peak Singapore lists Art World Forum as one of the seven best Wine, Dine and Art events in Singapore this…

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  • Oct262016
    AWF_art-world-forum_Thomas Galbraith  - AIP Event Art World Forum Singapore 2016 Web 451 600x400 - Blog

    Singapore Tatler: Click and Buy- How We Consume Art Online

    Singapore Tatler interviews Art World Forum guest speaker Thomas Galbraith, Partner of The Petraeus Group, on the impact the internet has…

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  • Oct132016
    awf-arto  - AWF Arto 600x450 - Blog

    Jonie Oostveen Introduces Us To ARTO Gallery

    In a conversation with Jonie Oostveen, the founder of ARTO Gallery, Art World Forum finds out a bit more about this…

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  • Jul122016
    AWF-Hotel-Vagabond  - AWF Hotel Vagabond 600x404 - Blog


    Art collectors and hotel owners, Satinder Garcha and Harpreet Bedi share their private collection, show their commitment to culture and…

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  • Jul022016
    AWF-Jackson-See  - AWF Jackson See 600x433 - Blog


    As a Singaporean collector, what is your understanding of the local art scene? In the context of Southeast Asia, Singapore has…

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  • Jul022016
    AWF-Iskandar Fauzy-Morning Appetizer  - AWF Iskandar 600x603 - Blog


    Tell me a little bit about yourself. Well, my name is Iskandar Fauzy and I am an acrylic painter. I…

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  • Jul022016
    AWF-WofflesWu  - AWF WofflesWu 600x400 - Blog


    Tell me a few words about yourself and the art you relate to. First and foremost I was, and am…

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  • Jun072016
    Article_Photo_ArtAndOnly_ArtParisArtFair2016  - Article Photo ArtAndOnly ArtParisArtFair2016 600x432 - Blog


    As a leading art fair of modern and contemporary art at the Grand Palais, Art Paris Art Fair recently exhibited…

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  • Jun072016
    Art Paris Art Fair 2016-The Grand Palais  - Article Photo ArtAndOnly Interview ArtParis Philippe Rey 600x450 - Blog



     During the hustle of jotting between art fairs in the French capital, an intermediary interview with Swiss dealer Philippe Rey…

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  • Jun072016
    Article_Photo_ArtAndOnly_Collector_Interview_Levy-1  - Article Photo ArtAndOnly Collector Interview Levy 1 600x401 - Blog



    Tell me a little bit about the dslcollection. What is its motives? We have been collecting over the last 30…

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